Compacon Gift manager


It happens in every organization; occasions where you need to send flowers, a bottle of champagne, a cake or a card to a customer or an employee. Often arranged last minute and requiring a lot of effort. Not mentioning the declarations and the payments that are involved. This can be done so much easier and better!

With Compacon Gift Manager you can easily order your gifts online. You have the choice from a wide assortment of products, such as cakes, wines, flowers, cards, fruit boxes, gift cards, birth gifts, etcetera. We will deliver the present for you, if you wish provided with your own personal message. And the declarations will be replaced by a monthly invoice. Easier and better!




Compacon Gift manager

We have created the perfect solution, together with our partner PIMM Solutions. We made an online platform available for you, which you can use to order all your gifts. Your organization’s logo on your gift? No problem!

Congratulations with flowers, a fruit box for an ill employee, a birth gift for a client? You can choose from a wide assortment. Simply order and we make sure, it will be delivered at the location of your choice.

The whole product assortment is online available in our e-catalogue and will be delivered directly from one of the 3500 local and central suppliers, on the day you want.

With Compacon Gift manager you have one online platform and one contact. We take care of the whole process; quality assurance, delivery on time, best prizes. Compacon’s Gift manager offers an efficient organization, which you can use to save huge expenses. Less invoices, less suppliers, less time-consuming declaration procedures and the possibility to monitor what, where and when is purchased.

Regarding the new WKR- regulation? We classify all cost in a WKR report. You prevent unnecessary costs and taxes, which in some cases can run up to 80%. Everything will be perfectly administrated and compliant with all tax regulations.


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