Corporate premium programs


Corporate premium programs are the crown on your brand and vital for empowering your corporate image. Developing a program of promotional products that fits with your corporate image makes your brand stronger. Promotional products need to be appropriate for your audience and meet the expectations of your customers, staff or potential relations. This our expertise!

Corporate premium programs are an important part of your communication portfolio. In our eyes, they are not simply just give-aways but rather means to maintain and increase attention to your brand. Compacon is dedicated to this! We like to develop a tailor made corporate premium program as a crown on your brand!

Corporate premium programs

Every organization needs an assortment of promotional products to support events such as trade fairs or meetings, to give to clients, for internal use or as a gift for prospects.

Promotional products empower your brand because they draw attention, for a long time. Did you know a promotional bag with your brand will be seen in average 5000 times during its lifetime? And the appreciation of a promotional product is many times higher than of an advertisement! Reasons enough to make a corporate premium program part of your communication mix.

At Compacon, we ensure you that your program is custom made and effective. A cleverly chosen line of products in different budget categories provide you choices of promotional products for every event or occasion. It is also targeted to the different stakeholders and groups you are aiming at, since each target group requires a different approach.

We define the composition of your corporate premium program via our tested and proven method. From a product-audience matrix, where events are also considered, we develop a balanced line of products for your corporate premium program. Therefore, you get a corporate premium program that fits with your audience, is usable at several events and includes different price categories. That all is of course aligned with your corporate image and meets the requirements of your brand identity.

Compacon is an expert in this area, with an enormous amount of knowledge about products and trends. We know what moves people and what people like. That is why we are able to develop a corporate premium program that will be used with enthusiasm.

Corporate premium programs are the crown on your brand!


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