Custom made premiums


Imagine that you can give your customer a summer vacation in a can, as a gift. That would be a great challenge for Compacon because we can produce everything custom made, almost everything. Custom made promotional products can just make the difference when you want to stand out from the crowd. A custom made product is, after all, unique and specially developed for your organization. It impresses, sends a message and will definitely be remembered. That is why custom made premiums are such a powerful channel of communication!

Compacon is a specialist in custom made premiums. Our creative team translates unexpected ideas to products. Compacon’s graphic design studio brings these products to life. With a network of dedicated suppliers, we bring the products to the market. Custom made premiums make the difference to make you stand out!

Custom made premiums

Sometimes a premium requires a custom made solution. That can be an existing product in its own shape, color or look. But It can also be a product that is unexpected and not yet seen before. This makes the promotion extra powerful and distinguishing.

Our creative team is dedicated and very experienced in product development. We have comprehensive knowledge of materials and possibilities. We have extensive experience in translating your requirements and goals into products. We are able to develop new perspectives and surprise your audience. Just a few features that are important for custom made solutions.

Through our many years of experience and a wide network of suppliers in China, we are able to deliver your original products reliably and cost-effective. Reliable thanks to a solid QC- team in China, which monitors and ensures that your products meet all EU regulations. Cost-effective thanks to a solid sourcing team and excellent contacts with many suppliers.

We see custom made premiums as a chance to make a difference for you to stand out from the crowd.

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