Groupbuy® online procurement platform


It happens quite often that organizations purchase large amounts of customized promotional products with their own logo. Your supplier may say it is interesting or maybe necessary from a price perspective. The organization hopes there is a need for those huge amounts. But the reality is that these products are often still in stock for years. Compacon has conceived a solution for this problem: GroupBuy®.

With GroupBuy® we offer you your own online platform where your organization can order just what it needs. During a defined timeslot, your team may order products developed specially for you. We only produce the products that are ordered, for the lowest price fitting the reached numbers. This is a proven system, which results in substantial savings!




Groupbuy® online procurement platform

Compacon has developed a unique online purchasing platform; GroupBuy®. GroupBuy® enables organizations to purchase promotional products on their own platform.

All departments or a dealer network organization are able to order their promotional products online.

Promotional products that are especially developed for your organization with your own brand identity. By piling up this purchase with higher volumes, we can offer lower prices. A benefit for everybody! In addition, only amounts ordered are delivered, redundant stocks and surplus are the past.

The GroupBuy® platform is online available and will have your own look and feel, allowing users to “feel at home” when they visit the GroupBuy® platform.

Authorized users within your organization can order products during an agreed timeslot of 1 or 2 weeks, for example. The orders that are placed during this timeslot will be counted automatically and are online visible.

The higher the volume, the lower the price will be. You will discover the power of group purchasing! After closing the order period, the production starts and we produce exactly what is ordered.

Many organizations have already discovered the power of GroupBuy®. They are very enthusiastic about this unique purchasing tool. Why? GroupBuy® delivers substantial cost savings and it takes a huge amount of work out of your hands.

Do you also want to discover the power of GroupBuy® and save on your purchase?

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