Loyalty programs


Compacon considers loyalty as a valuable asset. Your loyal customer is worth much more than a prospect. So, why not show your appreciation to your loyal customers? After all, loyalty is the base of every good and long-term relationship. This is why loyalty programs are so effective.

Compacon has developed an effective and efficient platform to service your loyal customers. An online platform where your customers can exchange earned points for great gifts. That is how you reward your loyal customers and motivate your customers to keep on doing business with you. But you can also use this platform to support your marketing or sales promotion activities. Make sure your customers remain loyal to you!

Loyalty programs

Compacon likes to develop your loyalty program. Our creative and professional approach will ensure that your tailor made loyalty program strengthens your market position.

Loyalty programs should be used to reward the loyalty of your customers. But it can also be used as marketing tool to increase sales volume and as a reward program to bind or to motivate your staff.

A well-designed and implemented loyalty program offers huge opportunities to reach targets. Especially when a creative concept forms the start. We provide this creativity! To run a professional and effective loyalty program, Compacon has developed a loyalty platform where online gifts can be selected and ordered by your customers or by your staff. And – of course – we develop your program in your organization’s your look & feel, on our platform. An assortment of at least 5000 products, including lots of A-brands gives your loyalty program the power it needs.


After all, a reward works well only when the receiver gets something of his or her own choice. This is possible on our platform.

Every customer can earn reward points by purchasing your products or services and use these points online on the loyalty platform. The gift that is chosen by your customer will be delivered from our stock and sent to the desired address without you worrying about it.

We would be delighted to discuss your perfect loyalty program and show you that loyalty rewards!

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