Corporate Social Responsibility


Many promotional products are produced outside the EU and that brings both opportunities as serious threats. You do not want to pay too much for your promotional products but you also do not want your products produced under unacceptable labor conditions. How do you manage corporate social responsibility and prevent a “slipping out” such as child labor?

Compacon is a leading player on Corporate Social Responsibility. We are certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and we subscribe our industry’s Code of Conduct. We carefully monitor the social track records of our suppliers. This includes that we demand certificates, conducting factory audits, etc. Our Code of Conduct and - for example SA 8000 qualifications - are important instruments to ensure you and us of socially responsible produced products.

Compacon is a leading player in the promotional industry. We deliver products and services of the highest quality, perfectly fitting with the requirements of your organization and your customers. But that is not enough for us. We also make sure that all the products that we deliver, meet or exceed all European laws and regulations. We take no risks regarding Corporate Social Responsibility.

You do not want to get negative publicity with a non-compliant promotional product with your logo. You can be ensured that all your products are thoroughly tested and certified before they are delivered to you or your customer. Our testing includes – but is not limited to - regulations on dangerous substances such as Cadmium. Your products are compliant with all relevant international standards such as, CE, RoHS, REACH, WEEE, etc.

Social compliance is important to us. Our suppliers need to provide acceptable employment conditions. We demand our suppliers to meet the requirements of international standards such as SA 8000, SMETA and BSCI, where appropriate. In addition, Compacon has its own Code of Conduct. We demand our suppliers to commit to this Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct describes all the important aspects of the labor conditions and defines the product compliance requirements.

With this, we exclude affairs such as child labor and forced labor, we ensure market conform rewards, good working conditions and freedom of speech which, for example, in China, Bangladesh and India are not always granted.

Supply chain management is an important part of our core activities. CSR and compliance are also requirements that get more and more weight and attention. It is a license to operate. Compacon is one of the leading companies in the promotional industry regarding corporate social responsibility. Compacon is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Let your products and all the related social responsibilities and compliance issues be our worry!

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable and green

“It’s not easy being green”

When you sell and deliver promotional products like we do, it is not always easy to think and act green. How do we prevent or minimize the environmental impact of promotional products? When we launch a campaign using premiums? When we provide our customers with plastic bags? These are challenges that we do not evade but tackle! Because at Compacon we care about people and the environment, even if the way is not always easy.

Thanks to our knowledge and the right choice of materials we are able to rapidly reach results with our customers. Keep in mind; bags of recycled paper are just as good and solid as plastic solutions but far more ‘green’. It is a question of giving attention, taking responsibility and showing dedication. Discover our green side!

Production of promotional products requires a wide range of raw materials, depending on the kind of product. This is inevitable. But we sure can influence our product choices to minimize the use of raw materials with negative impact on our environment.

At the end, you decide - as customer - the product you prefer. At Compacon we consider it our responsibility to inform you about environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives. These alternatives are nowadays easily available! The use of recycled materials or the use of products that are biodegradable or that can be reused are examples of how you select a “greener” option. But also the use of products that do not use energy are worth considering.

Compacon has described in the company’s process all measures to get and to keep our green character. This is an integrated part of our management system, which is certified according to ISO 14001. Our sustainable and green approach is guaranteed. Whether it is in the proposals and concepts that we create, the suppliers that we approach or the products that we develop. Care about people and our environment is an important part of our business strategy, our policies and our goal setting!

We are a member of MVO (Corporate Social Responsibility -CSR) Netherlands.

Let us be your partner with products that have a green character and connect with your organization’s CSR policy. Because social responsibility is something we really should do together!

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