Whether your store is open or closed is not an issue anymore. With internet technology and our 24/7 society, your employees expect access to information at any time from any place. This also applies to your own platform where your employees or even customers can check and order promotional products, monitor stocks, track delivery data, etc.

This explains the high demand for online solutions, which help you organize and are available 24/7. Where useful information can be found, and even orders can be placed by your team. The webshop module Promonline of Compacon is one of those online solutions and a perfect solution for you.






Compacon offers you Promonline®. We have developed this webshop module especially for the management of your promotional products, premiums and gifts.

With Promonline® we easily develop your webshop, customized in your organization’s look and feel. Internal users and also resellers or dealers, can order promotional products or premiums with your logo easily. With Promonline® you can manage your promotional products effectively and without any additional effort.

Authorized users can visit your webshop and have direct access to the assortment, with clear descriptions, prices, stocks available, order quantities, etc. You will have an attractive webshop, where people easily navigate. Recognizable because of it has your organizations look and feel. Shopping in a web shop has to be easy!

Therefore, the order process is easy and user friendly. Order confirmation follows automatically per e-mail. Orders appear in your management report, providing you with actual insight. Allocation of costs happens automatically, if you wish. In case we manage your stock, orders will be shipped the same day. The person who placed the order, is able to follow it in detail with a track & trace functionality.

Discover Promonline® for your organization and experience the efficiency of your own webshop. Because we developed the webshop module ourselves, it is customized and tailor made for the efficient management of promotional products. It includes lots of functionalities, based on our extensive experience! You can define budgets per user, allow payment with credit cards, monitor stock levels, connect your shop directly to our distribution center, and so on!

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