Year-end gifts & choice programs


Around Christmas time we have many traditions and one of them is to give a Christmas or Year-end gift. This demonstration of appreciation to your employees and customers has enormous impact, and not only because of this tradition. Compacon has a wide offer of Year-end gifts.

We can offer you both traditional Christmas gifts with food and non-food products as well as trendy Year-end gifts. Self-choice programs that allow everyone to make their own choice and order online, is another example. Our portfolio makes Santa Claus and his loyal reindeer look unnecessary.

Year-end gifts & choice programs


There can be times when client relations are tested or employees are asked to maximize their efforts. Giving a nice or functional Year-end gift is a nice gesture, to demonstrate your appreciation. That’s our opinion and we can help you make it happen.

For the cost of an average hourly rate, you can do a lot and grow goodwill that will last much longer! We think that a Christmas or Year-end gift is an amazing tool that fits with modern business practices. A unique moment to surprise your employees, your customers and their families. It will positively affect loyalty!

Compacon has broad experience and can support you with all alternatives. Do you want a Christmas gift with a balanced composition between food and non-food products? A theme based gift, such as, innovation, vitality or wellness? Our possibilities are truly unlimited and we like to develop the right proposal for you.

Choice systems, where your employees can order a gift of their choice online, are part of our extensive program. Your employees log in with a unique code to an online Christmas shop and order the gift of their choice. A product, an experience or a charity? Each employee is free to make a personal choice, without you worrying about it. You decide the budget and the assortment and we do the rest: from building the platform in your organization’s look and feel to delivering the gift to the address of your employee.

Many options are available and we give you the right advice, because at Christmas time you have to unwrap!


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